Georgia FIRST Robotics Symposium - November 5th

Hi everyone!

The Georgia FIRST Robotics Symposium is this Saturday (November 5th)!! The day will be full of workshops and classes on everything from programming, to getting STEM jobs, to brand development. It will be a great learning experience for anyone (both students and mentors) and it will give you a chance to learn from the best.

A full list of the classes and workshops can be found here: Session Topics

To register for any of the workshops go here: Symposium Registration

All sessions will be held in Klaus Advanced Computing Building (266 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, GA 30332). Parking and building entrance instructions are:

Visitors to the Klaus Advanced Computing Building should park at the State Street Visitor’s Lot at the intersection of Ferst Drive and State Street on campus.
From the entrance to the visitor’s parking lot, head east on Ferst Drive walking toward Atlantic Drive. Turn right on Atlantic Drive and the College of Computing building is the 2nd on the left. Walk through the courtyard and then through the breezeway between the College of Computing Building and the Microelectronics Research Building. Walk across the Binary Bridge over to the Klaus Building.
When you enter the building, you will see a participant check-in table. There you will pick up a session schedule with room assignments.

Each session will last approximately 50 minutes and will allow for a question and answer session. Our symposium will kick off in room Klaus 1456 with a welcome to all participants at 8:30am.

I hope to see you all there!

Oh and did I mention I am teaching one of the workshops?

I will be teaching **Brand Development and Digital Marketing ** at 2:00pm.

I would really love for all of you to attend!

Team 6341 will see you there! Excited to attend your presentation on Branding and Digital Marketing!


If only I was in Atlanta for this weekend. All of these seminars sound highly interesting and informative. Kellen’s seminar on Strategic Decision Making should be one not worth missing!

I will definitly be attending that one!

Any chance the workshops will be recorded? I’d love to view quite a few of these.

Asked that same question myself to Connie. There will be no recording of the event, but it’s a goal for next year. Too much of an ask for the AV team.

Disappointed that’s the case, although I understand the reasoning.

This is correct. There are just too many workshops going on simultaneously to record. I do want to try to record some of them next year though.

Yep, you guys are offering quite a few great looking workshops. That’d be a big drain on resources. But I appreciate the effort to record some next year. That might be a great resource for teams.

Since a lot more people seem interested in the event than can actually go to the event, I will probaly post the resouces I give out during my workshop online for all to use. Hopefully the other presenters will do the same.