Georgia robotics alliance

to all high school students in georgia that don’t have a FRC team at their school:

Georgia Robotics Alliance
Team 1848


The mission of the Georgia Robotics Alliance (GRA) FIRST Robotics team is to provide an opportunity for students all across the state of Georgia, specifically in rural areas, to experience the excitement and challenges that the FIRST program has to offer. These students will then bring this experience back to their local school and community expediting the growth of the FIRST program state-wide.

Who is eligible to be a team member?
The GRA will be comprised of students from high schools in the state of Georgia that do not currently have a FIRST Robotics team. For its pilot/rookie year the only additional restriction will be that the students promise to abide by a code of ethics outlined when they register to join (this will include the principles of FIRST and gracious professionalism).

How will the team operate?
The GRA team will have both a virtual and non-virtual component to its operation. Registered student members will be able to share design ideas/strategies, vote on T-shirt/logo designs and much more through an online forum designed by the CircuitRunners (Team 1002). This forum will also be manned by mentors from the Georgia Tech RoboJackets, veteran CircuitRunner members and other engineers that volunteer for the task.

The non-virtual component to this team is the actual building site of the robot. Student members that are within a certain radius of the build site will be encouraged to be a part of the actual fabrication process based on the designs and discussion from the online forum. Students outside of this radius will not be prohibited from coming however there will be limit on the number of students in the build area at a time. There will be a mechanism online for student members to sign up to attend build sessions.

How will this team be funded?
The Georgia Tech RoboJackets and CircuitRunners will assist with robot building funds. Other companies/universities have been approached for funding and are still pending.

To add to that, money is also donated from the Forsyth Alliance (1746). Last year there was no money required from the students involved, hopefully it will be the same this year.
The GRA will most likely be competing at Peachtree and building the robot in Marietta Georgia, either Wheeler High School or Southern Polytechnic State University. We currently have members that are as far as 180 miles away that take part in the virtual component and will be coming to competition.
If you are interested, please e-mail [email protected]
Thank you.