Get Image problems

On the LabVIEW’s Default 2010 Robot Project, the “Get Image” VI doesn’t work. I mean, it works on the first time you run the program. But, if you stop it and run it again, the program stucks in this VI.
Have anyone had the same problem? Or it’s our configuration? I don’t know. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d have to go take a deeper look to fully answer your question, but it’s late, so I’ll start with a simple thought:

In general, when you stop LabVIEW VIs/programs you ought to use the button provided by the programmer (if there is one–the button, not the programmer). In other words, don’t use the stop sign in the LabVIEW toolbar to abort the execution if you can help it. The reason for this is the programmer, hopefully, has written the program to clean up after itself (like closing all the references to things), whereas aborting may or may not manage to clean all these references up when you abort. NI is pretty good about keeping things stable, but LabVIEW won’t be able to clean up everything magically all the time when you use that abort button.

In the case of the FRC, this means that you should try to use the Finish button on the Robot Main to stop the program when possible. This may, or may not help your problem with the Get