Get pressure amount programatically?

Is it possible for the program on the robot (or drive station) get the current pressure amount in kPa?

We are using java on the robot, although if it is possible it most likely will be language-agnostic.

If you are talking about the score on the field - no. If you are talking about the pressure in your air tanks, you will need an analog pressure sensor. AndyMark sells them.

As I’ve said somewhere else, simply OCR the audience display :wink:

You need a sensor. Specifically this one!

I’ll second the desire to get detailed match information from FMS during the match. Knowing the pressure would be nice. Another nice bit of information would be knowing if the touchpad was engaged. We can already get some information like what alliance we are on and the current match time via the DriverStation object. It would be awesome to see that extended to include game specific information like this.

By steam pressure I mean the game points based on the balls in the boiler, not the air pressure in our pneumatic tanks.

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As far as I’m aware it is impossible to access the live score. The only real info you get about the game/field (that you can access) is the driver station # and color. There should be a nice fat scoreboard sitting right by the field you drive coach can look at and relay the info to the drivers. :rolleyes: