Get Ready for More FUN on 9/17 9PM EST!

Hello FRC Community!

First Updates Now will be airing our next show on Thursday, September 17th at 9PM EST!

Show Link:

Mike Corsetto: Drive Coach from World Champion team 1678 Citrus Circuits

Collin Fultz: From Indiana FIRST and former FRC GDC member.

Some of the topics discussed will include:
Championship Allocation by State
Chezy Champs
Inter-district Play
Alliance Captain versus last pick in Alliance Selection
Madtown Throwdown playing the 2014 game instead of 2015
…and a few more you will have to tune in for!

If you have any questions that you would like to ask Collin or Mike at the end of the show, post on here, or email and we will squeeze a few in.

Thank you to those who submitted feedback during the pilot! I took every response to heart and we will be making every effort to continue making the show what you want to see.

All that I ask is that you help spread the word of the show so more people who might be out of the community loop can become more engaged in the show. Please link this thread to your or your teams social media pages! This will allow us to continue building the show up to provide a better experience for all!

Looking forward to the show.

Hello everybody!

Just a reminder that if you are interested in catching the show live, it will be aired tomorrow, Thursday 9/17 at 9PM EST. So check your clocks, just do not bring them into school…

We will have a short pre-show about 10 minutes before and a post show with some open discussion about the future direction of the show. We are striving hard to continue to improve, engage, and innovate.

Please keep your emails coming with questions for either Collin Fultz from Indiana FIRST or Mike Corsetto from the world champion team 1678 Citrus Circuits. I will try to grab a few questions from the group to ask on the show.

Emails about questions for guests, myself, or feedback can go to

I am working hard to finalize a RSS feed and posting on ITunes. I will update if I have this up and running in time. I would really like to offer an opportunity for people who can’t watch live to be able to listen on their drive or at work.

Chatroom will be live around 8:30EST at . You can also post questions on here and our mods will try to grab some.

Thanks everyone, and I hope to see you in the chatroom tomorrow!

Wait, what? How did that one slip past me? Link?

Were all set to go in about an hour (9PM EST). Please join us in the chatroom at:

Show Link:

Enjoyed the 2 shows. It was better having 2 guests in episode 2 because conversation flowed more easily.

When and what is the next episode going to happen/include?