Get Ready For Your FIRST Kickoff Video

I have a couple of technical questions about FIRST’s kickoff video “Get Ready For Your FIRST”
Please let me know what program and how you would create:

  1. the random lines that draw them self in the background?
  2. the flying through blueprints effect?
  3. Who is the artist and/or what is title of the catchy techno song?

I can answer the first two questions, as I’ve done a bunch of video/editing work for side projects.

If you are serious about doing all kinds of custom video effects, you will need the proper software, such as Motion or Adobe After Effects. You may be able to replicate some of the effects though with 3D Animation software, or with something like Flash.

Just be fair warned that advanced effects software for video is not cheap. Adobe After Effects CS3 retails at $999. IMHO, if you were serious abuot doing this like of work, look into Final Cut Studio. At $1299, you get Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, Compressor and DVD Studio Pro. Compared to the counterpart software in Adobe’s CS3 collection, it’s a LOT cheaper, but without a loss of features of functionality. There have been a ton of Hollywood movies ranging from 300 to Happy Feet to Napoleon Dynamite which have been created/edited using Final Cut Pro.

I use a PC and have Adobe After Effects so how would you make these effects using AE?

After Effects is basically Photoshop, but for moving images.

I would suggest that you go out and buy a good AE tutorial book at your local bookstore. (Don’t buy one online, unless you’ve gone to your local bookstore and looked through it in person. Sometimes they look great on the Internet but may be hard to follow).

Once you learn the basics of AE and how it works, then it’s pretty easy to experiment and figure out how to make certain video effects.