Get Real

KNOWLEDGE = POWER (if you can spell) But according to the FIRST website there are at least 20 open spots for Florida because ALOT of teams dropped out because of thier economical situation

The sudden gap in the number of teams is in part due to 9/11 and the difficulty in finding major sponsers since then.

Another big reason is that a lot of teams who had considered them selfs unable to go commited them selfs to another regional or something else. So it’s not that every FIRST team lost every cent they had, they just spent it on diffrent things. We considered going to nationals after the annoucment went out that there were openings, but we just couldn’t raise the money in time because of going to an extra regional this year.

Although it is justice some how that they capped the number of teams going to nationals, and may end up under the cap.

-Andy A.