get rid of spam contest

We should have a contest to see who can report the most spam because it is way out of controlled and it is really getting to me i am GOING CRAZY!!! anyway we should have a contest to see who can report the most spam
rules there are no rules just report spam
prize everyone s thanks for giving back there insanity
end date never

I hope not…

Anyways, who’s counting? Would it be easiest to have the admins count the amount of reports? But the admins are probably busy?

just submit the amount you reported for the week

Too many. They never end. I’d rather not bog down the mods with counting how many reports each person makes for the fun of it.

the mods can relax the only person who has to keep track of how many you report is you and at the end of the week just report how many you reported

How about giving a prize to someone who can come up with an idea for completely getting rid of the spam.

Destroy the servers?

While that sounds like a good idea, there are people (like me) that have ideas, but no way of knowing whether they are possible to implement.
I.E., no posts that are 100% hyperlink. I do not know how the way Chief Delphi is hosted works, and if a restriction like that is possible.
I feel like until whatever method the bots are getting through is closed, it will probably continue.

We know the method. It’s just closing it that’s the problem.

There is an existing ban on links–any links–in the first 10 posts–the problem is that that doesn’t apply to edits. So they make a post, then put the link in an edit.

Is this like when you tell little kids the one who does the most chores wins? It works everytime…


Why not just restrict thread creation to users with at least 5 comments? It might not be the most pleasant method, with new users who actually have legitimate questions might have obstacles, but since these bots are just making new threads it might be helpful.

Then they just spam productive threads…


The moderators get an email every time someone reports a spam post. We don’t need to get more emails by having people report the same post over and over again.

I usually post, “reported” before actually reporting it so that people don’t double-report. There’s a 1-minute waiting time between reporting and posting, so posting first reduces the chance.