Get The Maximum Out Of The Sandstorm Period


I suggest that whenever your robot is operating fully autonomously, all members of your drive team should raise their hands, as if they’re on a roller coaster.


If my team ends up going fully autonomous during sandstorm this year, I think we’ll try this instead


Quick question related to the Sandstorm period, particularly related level 2 drop. My team was looking at using some sort of strafing mechanism, but someone mentioned that the high rate of impact due to dropping off level 2 might have poor effect on any strafing mechanism we try and employ, specifically poor ability to strafe, bearings breaking, and so on. Would you guys expect a similar result? It seems as if this were true, the only safe wheel base that wouldn’t have that problem would be pneumatic. Thoughts?


Most omni-wheels and mecanum wheels aren’t going to like being dropped much. Some of the higher-durability traction wheels (aluminum hubs in particular) are going to take that kind of impact better. If you have a strafing setup that’s retracted at the time of impact so that you land on something stronger, you might hold up better. I’ll note that if you’re strafing off level 2 parallel to the driver station wall you’re going to basically fall into a ball-pit since that’s where the depot is. That’s likely to be a bit on the tippy side.


To clarify this point, the roboRIO has a built-in accelerometer, but not a built-in gyro. It might have a gyro if you have a navX mounted on top. (There’s also this newer IMU that mounts via the SPI port.)


Driver control (with dual cameras possibly) would be the most efficient way to go and would work the best in that situation. We actually were thinking “semi-autonomous”, like, we would get it in place and then have the robot use the vision system to position it to place cargo or a hatch.


I don’t fully understand how manual driving works during the sandstorm. We plan to drive - i.e. execute our TeleOp code during the sandstorm. How does that work mode-wise? If we don’t have autonomous code, what happens?


Autonomous runs per usual as it has in past years, except the driver station also looks for user input while autonomous is executed, so if you have no autonomous code, then you just program for teleop, and the driver station and fms system will look for your input per usual like teleop while those that have auton routines can still run their code. Note, even if you use a human driver in the sandstorm period you still will have a half second pause in communication with the robot as fms transitions from sandstorm to teleop.