Get Well Taylor Buttons for Atlanta

We would like to ‘flood the field’ with “Get Well Taylor” buttons for Taylor Ritchie, daughter of Scott (team 234) and Libby (team 393). She is doing great but still has some time to recover in the hospital and at home after a car accident.

We need some help making buttons - we are almost out of supplies and may not be able to get more before we leave for Atlanta.

So, if you have a button maker (2-1/4" I believe) and some of the backing materials, please let us know here, and then bring them to Atlanta. Stop by our pit and we can give you the paper cutouts.

Your help is really appreciated. :slight_smile:

We might have some extra button parts, I’m not sure. If we do, I’ll do everything I can to bring them.

I believe we have as many as about 500 of the metal parts (front and back peices) for buttons, and we might have a button maker, but I’m not sure about that. But we don’t have many (if any) of the plastic covers that go on the buttons. Hope this is enough to help, I’ll do my best to get these to Atlanta.

BTW: Does anyone know the best way to bring all this metal by plane? I’m not sure if security would freak or not when looking through a scanner.

This is what the the buttons are going to look like.

I have a vest full of buttons. I check it in my suitcase which always gets opened and checked. So far there have been no problems though.

Hey, I would love one. If you can drop one off at the 624 pit I would love it. Thanks <3!

Wow I looked at this thread and the first thing that came to mind was:
“… how do they know I’m sick … I’m not even -going- to nationals … creepy”

… then I read the thread. So get well other Taylor person! I’m pulling for you way over here in california even if I don’t have a button :slight_smile: