Get your FIRST Logomotion Game Manual Here!

Here are the methods to get a game manual since FIRST’s FRC page is currently unavailable.
if thats not working:
if thats not working either sorry
hope this helps, good luck to everybody.
P.S. i apologize if this thread was “not necessary” or something like that please dont give me bad rep just let me know.

Also: PASSWORD IS: 5Time4For3Robots2to1Dance!

Thank you so much duke!

Disclaimer: These were the kickoff day downloads, if there have been updates between kickoff and your time of downloading these they may be out of date. can be a 3rd mirror (includes control system as a zip and folder as well as the drawings). The site is loading for me it just takes about a minute to load each page. All are pre-decrypted.

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Thanks Trent. More links never hurt:)

So far 0.5% of our bandwidth and 0.05% of our CPU time has been used today with 13 days left in the month so download away.