Get your team shirt on TV.

I will be on a TV show and it will be filming next week Oct 26. I would like to wear multiple team shirts over the 5 days of filming to help support FIRST.

If you would like to donate a shirt please pm me.

There are a couple requirements though:
No web addresses
No phone numbers
No corp names. Local businesses are fine.

If your shirt doesn’t fit the above requirements parts of it maybe able to be covered up and still work.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for the pm’s. I am still looking for some more.

Some have asked what show it is going to be, but all I can say is it is not out yet so I don’t think I can say the name. It is going to be on the Discovery channel though.

I have been in First for 10 years and am excited to be able do some advertising for it.

Thanks everyone.

Kevin, from what I have heard this is gonna be very cool and will be good for FIRST. I have a small pile of shirts that will get to you tomorrow. Hopefully you can use 'em.

I can’t wait to see this when it comes out!


PS, to those who are wondering if this is on the level, it is.

I’m sending a few tomorrow. Good luck!

Is it too late to send you a shirt?

Thanks all for sending. I will post when I get them.

It is not to late to send…We will be filming all next week, so even if I get some on next Thursday I can still wear them on Friday.

I am almost more excited about being able to support FIRST then being on TV building something.

I don’t think I am going to have to many shirts, but if I do I am sure some of the other 4 guys on the team will wear them, so keep them coming.

We should be sending about 3 shirts to you.

We have several runs of the shirt.

All the shirts are theoretically the same except for the back. We have gone through multi-generations of backs, with the final answer being the tiny longhorn.

The previous generation had the giant goofy angry longhorn but the printing on the shirt front and sleeve is very high quality, looks very good and I think that is the version you are getting.

Should be there Monday.



Not to burst your bubble but I think you should contact the people at discovery about your clothing choice. Especially FIRST shirts that have corporate logos on them.

I thoroughly encourage you to try and get team shirts on TV but its best to contact them first or else you could not be allowed on screen at all. There are a lot of rules associated with shirts and things that you can have on TV and you want to go about it in the right way or you will have to tape your shirt up and cover all logos.

For example, I shot a show that was sponsored by Nokia so I couldn’t wear my WildStang Shirt with the Moto bat wing logo on it. The same goes for common companies like FedEx, BAX Global, and many colleges.

Good luck!


KelliV, you are correct to some of the points…I have talked to them and there requirements are in the very first post as stated below.

I’d always just double check and run final shirts past them as things change.

I talked with the producer on monday about the requirements. This is the 14th of 18 episodes and he did over 30 episodes the last time they did a show like this, so I am sure he nows. He encouraged shirts from businesses and advertising. He just doesn’t want shirts from large corporations that would be in conflict with advertisers that are already on the network. And no .coms and phone numbers. I do plan on whiting or blacking out some of the text on our shirt.

Shipped a MiM shirt yesterday, hopefully you will get it early next week.
None of that no-no stuff on it.

Thanks. From the videos they look like great shirts and are going to work great.

Team RUSH is in, but we don’t have any shirts at the moment…we sent gold and blue body paint and a stencil kit. :eek:

On a serious note, it will be really cool to see the team colors on the small screen!


Thanks this is working out great.

So far I got shirts for teams 65, 910, and 47. I also got some FIRST crew type shirt from prior years and an assume FIRST jacket. Thanks a lot Ken Patton you are a role model for all of FIRST, and you will be getting that jacket back it is very nice.

If people want any of the stuff back when I am done with it next week let me know. I can ship it back.

Thanks again to all.

Over the weekend I got shirts from 148, 343, and 217. They all look great. A couple I had to cover up some names and .coms. I used patches and then spray painted to get the color to match. I am really happy with the results.

I think there are 2 more coming from 1311 and 27.

Thanks all for contributing, filming starts tomorrow. :ahh:

1311 has three new ones on the way…

BTW - You can keep the 148 shirts. I know you were threatening to return them, but that is NOT necessary. Just be aware, you might find yourself getting bigger when wearing a shirt from Texas. You know how the saying goes…


Well it went great today and they had not problem with me wearing the shirts. I am going to try to wear 2 shirts a day the rest of the week. Today was a half day of filming.

Yes John, I felt even smart just trying on the shirt. Maybe I should save them for the last day.

Thanks all for your help.

keep the shirts.