Get Your Yearbook Here!

Hey all!

Team 617 will be (hopefully) making a yearbook of ALL teams this year who choose to send us the following information:

We will only charge you if the yearbooks are made, and the price is not yet known. If we don’t get enough responses, then I will try to get an online version going, but ONLY IF the books don’t get published.

Send responses to or pm me here.


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This is an attempt to make your FIRST season all the more memorable!

So far, I have gotten 27 teams from VCU that want to be in the book. If any teams other than:
122 165 314 339 346 384 388 404 405 422 447 510 540 587 619 620 623 926 1054 1086 1093 1137 1413 1417 1418 1467 1522
would like to be in the yearbook, please contact me as described two post up.

Oh, and I might need your team # in addition to the info outlined above. :smiley:

Thanx again,


Oh, and once you pm/email me, post on this thread to keep it up, please.