getGameSpecificMessage undefined

We can’t get past the first line of this code from ScreenSteps:

String gameData;
gameData = DriverStation.getInstance().getGameSpecificMessage();
	if(gameData.charAt(0) == 'L')
		//Put left auto code here
	} else {
		//Put right auto code here

Eclipse gives this error message: “The method getGameSpecificMessage() is undefined for the type DriverStation”

We did also add this line with our other import lines at the top of

import edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.DriverStation;

and we tried adding this line at the beginning of the Robot class. Maybe it’s unnecessary:

DriverStation ds = new DriverStation.getInstance();

What are we doing wrong? (Sorry if it’s something easy. We’re new to Java.)

Have you updated your plugins? That method is undefined in WPILib 2017.

Definitely update the plugins
Follow the installing the development plugins guide.

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THANKS MuskieProgramme and Peteman, you’re right! Updated the plugins, and it works now!