Getting a CSV filr from Java Smartdashboard/Console

We are working to tune our PIDF controller on out shooter prototype and would like to plot/analyze the system response in Excel. However, we don’t have any data logging code in our build (and would have to design it anyway). We would therefore like to figure out a way to grab the data from either the Smartdashboard or from the Console output.

Has anyone done this before and have a solution?


With the default dashboards, no. If you log in a comma-separated format, you might be able to save the data as a CSV file. But I’d recommend simply making your robot code save a CSV file on the rio which you can then copy out.

If you use SmartChart (an SFX Smart Dashboard plugin that my team made), it can export data to a CSV file. It also has a bunch of other neat features, like graphing based on time or being able to reset without making a new graph. More features are on the way, like zooming. The file to download is at

You could also write a way to save the CSV file on the roboRIO and then use FTP to get the file out. It shouldn’t be too complex to write, since CSV is a super simple protocol.

And, if you decide to go the route of logging on the RIO, here’s an example of how we did it last year:

It’s set up to save to an external flash drive at the moment, but you can adjust the “output_dir” variable to wherever you like.