Getting a Talon to report current more frequently

We are trying to do some testing on a PID loop; we are logging shaft velocity, supply current and voltage, and output velocity and voltage.

We upped the frame rate (just for testing!) with
falcon1.setStatusFramePeriod(StatusFrameEnhanced.Status_1_General, 1, kTimeoutMs);
falcon1.setStatusFramePeriod(StatusFrameEnhanced.Status_2_Feedback0, 1, kTimeoutMs);
falcon1.setStatusFramePeriod(StatusFrameEnhanced.Status_4_AinTempVbat, 1, kTimeoutMs);

that upped the reporting rate for the voltages, but the reported current is still only updated every 50ms or so.

What type of status frame contains the current information?

Status Frame 2 according to the documentation.

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Current Reporting for TalonFX is done in a different frame from TalonSRX and is currently missing in the StatusFrame enums. The link above documents a workaround for the time being while we add the enum value in the API.

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