Getting along at the close of Week 3

As the title implies, I am wondering how everyone is getting along in the build season as we are almost at the close of Week 3.

We have two drive chassis almost completed and all of our other parts sent out for folding and cutting.

Drive code implemented. Working on sensor code along with intake and other mechanisms.

…Yeah about that. Work in progress.

Currently, we have the drive train machined and welding for both drive trains (practice and comp) will start tomorrow and hopefully will only be tomorrow and some of Saturday. Fabrication of other parts already started but will need to step up. Drive code is working on last year’s robot. Chairmans… about that…

We’ve begun driving and tuning our practice robot drivetrain, with the main one beginning assembly today, should have sheet metal Christmas in the next two days, which will be the earliest we’ve ever gotten to final assembly. Excited to see the thing go!

I stopped getting along with Matt Lythgoe, does that count?

We are currently optimizing our intake prototype while our drive base is being machined. So you could say we might be a little behind were we wanted to be at this point. Currently trying to find a good bucket as a plan b :wink: .

We are planning to do a robot in 3 days starting the Fri before bag and tag. (Monday/Tuesday is for driver practice)

Rookie Team Checking in:

Drive Train – Up and going

Elevator/Manipulator – Up and going

Double Ramps – Brackets for installation on drive train, CAD for ramps done, no metal cut yet

Programming – Basic Drive Code and Manipulator Code up and going. Sensor code to set levels for elevator lift started. 2 autonomous routines are in place. Working on vision so we can try for a second cube in auto.

Chairman’s/Nasa Essay – We have finally had someone volunteer to work on it.

We are (barely) right on track with the crazy schedule we set for ourselves this year. We have our intake and scale arm mostly done and assembled on the robot (except a few stray pistons and bolts), and our electronics are done. Tonight we are going to put the pneumatics system on and load the code and hopefully be driving around picking up cubes by the end of the night! This Saturday is our deadline for the robot to score it’s first cube in the switch and scale all by itself! They grow up so fast :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll just leave this here:

We ordered our drive gearboxes 3 weeks ago and Andymark still hasn’t shipped them. At this point we are more than frustrated…

I like the way you think! haha nothing like procrastinating?

Fair enough. Mental breakdowns ensue. Wait for Week 6 Day 0.

We started cutting pieces of aluminium for our frame on the 24th. Also, we still don’t have a working prototype for picking up the cubes… But hey, we’ll get there!

This worries me as we are only just putting in our orders now.

We finally finished the CAD (first time we’ve done it!) for he chassis and sent the files out. We made a full wood prototype to test pneumatics and eventually the entire electrical system. We have a repository with most of the base code (aka not autonomous) written, it just has to be put together.

Nice! Good luck this year!

2 Rolling chassis being disassembled so that welded-in-place cross bars can be moved after trying to install the electrical boards and finding that the chassis were built wrong. So we’re right on schedule! :slight_smile:

Currently, we have a prototype robot that can totally score power cubes in the scale. Our elevator has largely been worked out, and at this point we’re still iterating on our intake. Unfortunately, we still haven’t finalized on our final ramp design; we plan to finish that by week 4. Sometime during week 5, we plan to assemble our competition robot based on our practice robot.
EDIT: I believe that intakes are something we’re going to iterate on all the way up to our first competition, in LA, using our withholding allowance.

This thread should be all “your robot build in a gif form”. It would be golden!