Getting along at the close of Week 3

Ed your wish is my command haha](

It’s close to the end of week 3 already? darn, we better get working!



Drivetrain just got finished up, have to replace the motors on one of the gearboxes. Our elevators and climber are assembled and just waiting on a few bit and pieces to build the support structure. Going to need to test out some of the motors and build a winch, preferably by the end of Saturday. Hopefully our CAD doesn’t lie xD. I’m a part of 1458, also.

Parts continue to trickle in. Drivetrain v1 is assembled, going to make a v2 of the frame and port it over. (Tube frame, no cantilever. My goal is to adapt v1 into a cantilevered setup this off-season, as it would make a lot of things simpler on a robot this small.) Wings were cut last night, as were the first parts on the intake, and we firmed up our lift bearing plans. More to do on Saturday as we needed to order some tooling to do some things on intake. Surprisingly for 1293, right now there is zero planned 80/20 on the robot.

Started. In the absence of a full-time programming mentor, I’ve given them a set of marching orders, pointed to example code, and turned them loose. I don’t know most of what I don’t know, and that’s just the way it is.

…we have an approved submitter? That’s progress, right?

This surprises me…they have always been right on top of things when we order from them. I would follow up with them to be sure everything is in order.

AndyMark is one of the best I have seen as far as processing orders for our team and has awesome customer service.