Getting around HTTPS on plane flight wifi?

I know this is a really strange question, but please hear me out.

I’m flying to Colorado right now on a Southwest Airlines flight. I have an online class meeting at 7pm(eastern), but the wifi on the flight blocks all websites with HTTPS. The website that I need to get to uses HTTPS. Does anyone know how to get to an HTTPS site on an in-air wifi network? I’m not as worried about the class as I am just notifying my teacher that I won’t be able to attend. I figured that since the flight had wifi I would be just fine, but obviously I was wrong.

This is the only site I can access that I feel could be useful at all… Google, Facebook, Twitter, my online class website, etc. are all blocked. Safari (I’m on a Mac) says “cannot get a secure connection to <website url>”

Thanks for any help!!

There’s your problem, you’re using Safari.
Haha JK but since it’s been a couple days I assume you’ve got it all sorted out. I recommend using Chrome or Firefox next time you’re on flight to see if that would fix it.

Go to your browsers setting and disable something similar to HTTPS everywhere. There is a non-HTTPS version of all major sites (Google, Facebook, Twitter).

Never did get it to work, but Safari wasn’t (entirely) the problem. I also tried Chrome and Firefox on my Mac. Couldn’t even get to when typing the whole thing in on purpose. Also tried with an Android Asus tablet and an iPad Mini.

We have reached the conclusion that perhaps it was a problem with the wifi on the plane, but if someone knows that there is indeed something I should’ve done I would love to know for if I’m (or anyone else is) ever in the situation again.


So… why is this on the Chief Delphi forums??

It’s in chit chat, where threads about pretty much anything are acceptable (within reason). It’s the forum for random off topic threads.

Partly because (while I was on the plane) this was literally the only website I could get to (all others were unavailable, if you read above) that I thought might be of any help getting online. Everyone here is smart and I figured that maybe someone with knowledge of networking or something could help out. I posted it in Chit-chat because I knew it didn’t fit in any other categories.