Getting attached to your robot

I know other teams name there robot, just like us, but I’m wondering do you get attached to it. Like team 85 and BOB. It does not matter what time of year it is or what you are doing or planning on doing, he is BOB and thats his name. Some teams change it year after year so you might not get as attached to it, but BOB has almost always been his name with us.

As for how attached I am with him, I’m like the others on my team, but not everyone is the same. You build him in January and he’s BOB until he becomes “old” BOB the next year. We don’t have a lot of room so sometime after nationals we would take apart “old” BOB :frowning: and reuse what we could. As for the “current” BOB, he becomes our demonstration tool for our demos for schools and sponsors after nationals. Then in the fall we take him to the Kettering Kickoff, or another off season event, for one last competition. Oh, I almost forgot, BOB’s graduation tour happens in May and June for any of our seniors that want him to come to their open houses. Which when I graduated was a lot, sometimes 3 or 4 different places in one day.

BOB, he is not just a machine that we all work on as a team, he is apart of the team. At least thats how I feel.

So, has anyone else ever had an attachment to your robot. Always calling it by name. Not letting anyone hack off something thats unique or dismantling the robot because it was on your first or last year on the team. Getting mad :mad: at a competition when someone tips or disables it. Any stories about feelings :smiley: :frowning: :mad: that your robot has given you are welcomed.

On MOE (365), all of our robots are distinctly unique. Hence, each robot has its own name. The only requirement for the new name is that it has to use MOE in the name. Whenever the robots are out in public, they are each referred to by name. Here is our running MOE names:

2000 - BIG MOE
2001 - Li’l MOE
2002 - MOEHawk
2003 - GeroniMOE
2004 - GizMOE
2005 - MOEbius
2006 - TerMOEnator

I only remember the last two years, but I love 'em.

05 Predator
06 Screamin’ Peetey (If you ever heard it, you would understand)

We change every year. The only exception was 2003, when we reused a name and we were rewarded with our worst robot ever. New name every year.

2002 Ziff
2003 Ziff 2.0
2004 Loki
2005 Carlson X
2006 Icarus

The lineage of Team 25…

2000 - Cradle Robber [NATIONAL CHAMPION]
2001 - Robo-Kong
2002 - Silver Scorpion
2003 - Evil Machine 1 [National Finalist]
2004 - Evil Machine 2
2005 - Evil Machine 3
2006 - Evil Machine 4: The Enforcer [Championship Finalist]

Attached are more detailed stat sheets of each year’s robot along with their accomplishments.

We are very attached to our robots. All are still intact with the exception of 2005 which has the arm separated from the base.

If I recall correctly, Mark Leon was the one who originally called our 2003 'bot Evil Machine, and the name stuck. But you never know, could a new naming tradition start next year…? (654 KB) (654 KB)

Yes, I must say I really like the Housywhat’sit, our hanging robot. I’d hate to take it apart…

Not only did I get to help build it but one of our team members still has the PVC prototype in her closet.

I grow more attached to our robots that played the game well.

Also I can’t help my excitement when adult and little kids stare with awe and fear at the machine and I feel completely comfortable walking up to it and flipping the power switch. If I hadn’t helped to build it I would be one of those intruiged onlookers just wishing I knew what those teenagers were up to.

So yes, I’m sentimental about out robots, but I think my feelings have more to do with me not being afraid of them rather than any particular attachment. We tend to fear what we do not know.

I think that’s slightly off; I recall 25, 343, and 494 making it to the finals in 2003, not 2002.

That said, 1293’s robots have all had different names. No particular theme has prevailed between Bob, Ockham, and Chomp (and the latter two’s practice robot, dubbed first Hockham, then Circumstance); it’s mainly whatever the kids get behind around week two that tends to stick.

Yes, it was 2003 that we were National Finalists. My typo. :o
It’s been edited.

We named our robots in honor of William of Ockham and Occam’s Razor, the idea that thing should not me more complex than neccesary. So, all of our robots are named OCCAM (some number), supposedly OCCAM also is an acronym for something, but I forgot what. In 2003 we added a surname, The B.E.A.S.T. standing for Beating Every Adversary through Strength and Technology. We had some success in '03 so the name stuck through 2004 and 2005, but in 2006 we decided to change. People weren’t really likeing the B.E.A.S.T. name, because there are a lot of beasts and one is the The Beast, and we were unlucky with it in '04 and '05. So, we decided to change the surname to Concentrated Entropy for '06. Originally, IIRC, Concentrated Entropy was in reference to how messy we are, and how our heavily defensive play tends to be rather disorderly. (However, the name is a bit of an oxymoron, if somethings concentrated then it isn’t disorderly) so, the 587 robots go like this
2001 - OCCAM 1
2002 - OCCAM 2
2003 - OCCAM 3: The B.E.A.S.T.
2004 - OCCAM 4: The B.E.A.S.T.
2005 - OCCAM V: The B.E.A.S.T.
2006 - OCCAM VI: Concentrated Entropy

For the last several (6 competition years, and one more being renamed) years, Team 116’s bots have been named, ED (after the team name, Epsilon Delta). We currently have several ED’s in varied stats of repair alive. Our 2001 bot has it’s chassy, and one of it’s drive assemblies. Our 2004 (ED v.5) has everything but it’s control system and one piston. Our 2005 (ED v.6) has everything minus the control system. And our 2006 (ED v.7) is more or less intact (still needs the battle damage from IRI fixed).
FVC 18 went through a long and combersome naming process for the team and bot that were never quite resolved, until, one member called the bot Betsie, and it stuck.
2005- Betsie
2006-Li’l Betsie, Betsie II, Betsie Jr., Betsie ^2 (or other combinations of Betsie and the number 2 :-P)

Well I can’t remember all of the names of our robots right now…>.< Brian fart.

Taking some parts from an old robot isn’t cheap, it’s like adding a piece with more experience to the new robot.

Yea I’ll try to get the robot names tommorew, but I know they have something to do with being cuban or miami, and I’m pretty sure 2006 was RT after RamTech…Yes I know so creative. o.o

We at 229 rename the robot every year but still remain extremely attached. This past season i spent the night with the robot before putting her in the crate and saying good bye. i cried as she left the shop on the university forklift slowly disappearing into the snow.

Getting attached just doesn’t cut it, it’s more like being married to it. We have basically used the same concept for naming the robot:
96- CD1
97- CD2
98- CD3
99- CD4
00- CD5
01- CD6
02- CD7
03- CD8
04- CD9
05- CD-X-treme
06- CDXI
kinda boring but that is how we do it. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’m from team 1741, and I’m not sure about our previous years (this was my first year as a programmer, and i ruled! Yay!), but this year our robot name was…

2008 - Thaddeus (in some language it’s Sarah or something)