Getting Blair's Goat

WPI Regional MC, Blair in the WPI mascot goat costume.
Also wearing Team 358 drive team short shorts with those hairy goat legs.

Impossible to see out of, poor Blair fell off the bump onto one of the waiting robots. Neither animals nor robots were harmed.

This was great! Fortunately the robot was also not harmed. Blair is awesome with all his crazy hijinks, thanks for a great regional!

G-O-M, P-E-I, Gompei, Gompei Gompei!

Aha, this is a great picture. Blair was a great MC at DC this year. He definitely made the competition quite a bit more fun with his humor between rounds, although he’s very professional, which I like about him. His flag waving skills are also top notch :wink:

No animals were harmed. Thats good now I raise the questions was the robot injured?