Getting Camera Feed on Dashboard

Hey, I am trying to add a camera feed to our dashboard (not Smartdashboard, the normal one). We did everything in Java, but this part has got to be done in LabView, which our team doesn’t have much experience with, so if anybody could help me, it would be great!

If you simply want to view the camera on the default dashboard, the only required step should be to configure the camera using the installed tool or manually using the camera web page. The camera IP is assumed to be, and it needs to have an account named FRC with FRC as the password. You may also want to enable anonymous viewing.

If you would like to customize the dashboard, you can do so in LV or Java.

Greg McKaskle

Let’s say we want to do it in LabView, how should I wire which methods/objects on to get live camera feed? And do I have to change anything on (We already successfully configured the Camera Setup Tool)

You don’t change a single thing. The LabVIEW dashboard that comes with the driver station will display the camera automatically, assuming it has been set up correctly.

But I do have to add stuff like ImageDisplay, right? I want to be able to use that on the Dashboard.

If the camera has been set up with the proper IP address and user name, the default Dashboard will display the image. No programming is required.

The default dashboard just the LabVIEW template dashboard prebuilt. It contains one image display on the left and on the right are tabs with controls about battery voltage, joystick positions and drive motor outputs.

Some teams have more than one camera or decide to rearrange. For this, you need to drop an image display.

Greg McKaskle

We wired the camera correctly and everything. We get an image when we view it through the SmartDashboard. However, we would like to use the Labview dashboard instead. We didn’t change anything in the default LabView dashboard project but still no image is displayed whe we run it. Does anybody have a clue as to why it doesn’t work?

Perhaps you haven’t activated the necessary LabVIEW component on the computer that’s running the Dashboard. Find and run the NI License Manager to verify that everything has been activated.

The LV dashboard learn of the robot IP from the DS. Be sure that the DS is also running.

Is the DS communicating to the robot? Do you know the cameras IP address?

Greg McKaskle

All the products are activated so the problem is not that.

And we both run the DriverStation and DashBoard at the same time, so there shouldn’t be any problem with getting the IP either.

I think the problem is with the LabView dashboard itself, because the camera feed works fine on Smartdashboard, but not the Labview one.

Is the button on the bottom of the dashboard just to the right of the grey camera feed area lit up green? This button enables and disables the camera feed:

Oh my god, I can’t believe it was something this simple. Thank you very much!