Getting data out of a camera array + more

This is probably really simple but I can’t figure out what block I need. :wink:

I want to get the data out of the vision processing block’s array and I can’t figure out how. The wire is pink if that helps. (see upload)

also… I tried to find the NI pdf that tells you exactly how to FTP the image processing files onto the cRio, but I can’t. The only thing I can find is this: Re: Vision Processing Help Please - NI Community Are there any step-by-step guides? I know some networking but I don’t know everything about the file structure of the cRio or how to tell the program where the files are.


Aww, can anyone help? :frowning:

The are sine examples for the vision stuff. Typically all vision acquisition and recognition occurs in the vision vi and not in the periodic tasks vi. The Tracking data would then be sent via a global Vatican or functional global. If you need help with the globals then come and ask CD.

It actually looks like this is in the teleop. That is not a good place to introduce vision. Vision acquisition and processing was broken out and placed in parallel so that teleop would not have to wait for the camera and image processing to complete.

As for what the pink wire is – it is an image refnum. To get information from it, you have to use the vision functions from the vision palette.

Greg McKaskle

The pink wire is an array of clusters and needs to be unbundled. Attached is code that will do that. The input ‘Index In’ is what target information do you want. The vision processing routine returns up to four targets in the array.

Hope that helps.



Ahh. I didn’t get that it was targeting data. The unbundle code shown is the way to go.

Good luck.
Greg McKaskle

Thanks guys!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: