Getting direct Joystick data in Dashboard

Very simple: I want to be able to read joystick values in the dashboard directly from the DS - it seems stupid to get the data from the robot with big delays when the actual joysticks are connected to the machine I want to see them on. Plus, the use I have for it will not work with any delays whatsoever.

Also, I might be interested in getting keyboard presses for the Dashboard as well. Are there any buttons, aside from F1 Enter and Space, that I shouldn’t use? (also, if you could just point me in the right direction for getting keyboard presses… I can figure out how to use it, just show me where it is)


There shouldn’t be any significant delays when sending data from the robot to the dashboard. We get essentially immediate continuous feedback on whatever we choose to include in the dashboard data stream: wheel encoder position values, gyro-based heading, limit switch status, etc.