Getting Error Message on DS

Hey everyone, we are getting error messages on our DS when we are driving and shooting. At times, if we drive or run the robot too hard, the robot just stops and all functions cease to work and we get red lights under communication and robot code, after about 5-10 secs, robot kicks back on and teleop is still running as nothing happened. I attached a photo of some of our errors. We also get a watchdog error at the end. We are currently using the 4-slot cRIO and the new 2013 router. Thanks for any help.

Look at the voltage on the dashboard, and see if it fails under a certain voltage, or with an old battery.

Also, make sure you’re using the specified voltage regulator to power your radio- you can’t just plug it in to the PD board.

Are you sure that those are all of the errors the easiest way to look at all of them is to ctrl-A then paste into a notepad doc.

My guess is that the robot is connected to the laptop using an ethernet cable and the DLink rebooted due to a voltage sag. The Charts tab of the DS will help indicate whether the voltage was getting low, and that bottom message is from the cRIO saying that the radio disappeared and reappeared two times that many seconds ago. The DS Log File viewer will process those raw messages and hopefully show them in a clearer way.

The solution is to trace the power wires of the DLink back to the PD and compare that to how the manual and inspection guide require you to do it.

Greg McKaskle

We get these messages when we’re wireless.

A communication dropout of “5-10 secs” is difficult to explain. Do you perhaps have your D-Link router mounted too close to metal or too near a speed controller?

I was guessing wired, because the switch capability of the DLink comes up pretty quick, like in three seconds. Powering up the wireless takes much longer. Can you wiggle the ethernet cable between the DLink and the cRIO and see if you can cause the situation? Also do the bend and flex of the cable to see if it has been nicked or has an internal break.

You may also consider replacing the cable and repeating the previous test.

The message basically says that the DS lost connection to the robot. That happens each time you power down the robot, for instance. So things that cause the communication to drop out for 5-10 seconds are what you are looking for.

Greg McKaskle