Getting error "Too many simultaneous client output streams" with CameraServer

Hi all,

So this is my first year tackling vision processing on the roboRIO using Java, and I have a basic set of code that seems to work fairly well. I have created a camera subsystem that handles all the CameraServer related code, and I use its methods in my commands to do things such as initializing the camera and turning on/off processing the video using GRIP-generated code.

However, I’m having some slight trouble with the processing functions. One of the things I do along with processing the video is streaming the output by calling putFrame on CvSink objects. When I turn processing on, it streams perfectly fine. I can see my operations, contours, etc. However, once I turn the processing off, the output is bombarded by errors saying "Too many simultaneous client output streams (MjpegServerImpl.cpp:504). And strangely enough, when I turn processing ON once more, the error messages stop coming.

(The code snippets have some irrelevant methods removed.)

To specify, the following are object variables for the camera subsystem:
cvSink (instantiated in my init method)
cvSource (instantiated in my init method)

public void startProcessing(){
	System.out.println("Starting processing thread");
	t = new Thread(() -> {
		while (!Thread.interrupted()) {
			if (!rawImage.empty()) {
				contourList = myGripPipeline.filterContoursOutput();
				Imgproc.drawContours(rawImage, contourList, -1, new Scalar(0,0,255,255), 2);
			} else {
				System.out.println("Mat image is empty!");

public void endProcessing () {
	if (t.getState() == Thread.State.RUNNABLE) {

The only mjpegservers that are created (at least to my knowledge) are via two methods in my code: startAutomaticCapture() and putVideo(). And they are both in my initialization method, which can only called once.

//isStarted is an object variable for the Camera subsystem.
//The method is also called before any other methods in the subsystem.

public void initCamera() {
	if (!isStarted) {
		System.out.println("Starting the camera!"); //I only see this printed once in the output, ever.
		isStarted = true;
		camObject = CameraServer.getInstance().startAutomaticCapture();
		cvSink = CameraServer.getInstance().getVideo();

		//the following code does exactly what CameraServer.putVideo() does; I had putVideo before but the same problem existed.

		cvSource = new CvSource("ContourVideo", VideoMode.PixelFormat.kMJPEG, 320, 240, 30);
		VideoSink server = CameraServer.getInstance().addServer("serve_" + cvSource.getName());

What I find really interesting is that I only receive the errors once I stop processing images. Maybe putFrame() is stopping the errors from occuring? I don’t know why it would do that, but that’s my best guess.

In all honesty, streaming the output of the GRIP pipeline is not necessary for vision to work, but I feel that it’s immensly useful for debugging purposes. I’ve also noticed that this is a fairly common issue here. Any help would be appreciated!

Our team has had the same error appear under similar circumstances, though we have noticed no adverse affects. If you don’t see any problems with anything else on your robot, I would advise ignoring the problem or putting a blank image to the camera server when you aren’t processing.