Getting ERROR with Spark Max and NEO's

My team is using NEO’s for our drive base for the first time. We are having some issues. only one side of our drive base is working. We are getting this error in the drive station.
[CAN SPARK MAX] timed out while waiting for Periodic Status 0
Any advice is appreciated.
Here is our code.

First make sure your CAN bus is OK and the Spark Max has the correct CAN ID. Make sure you’re not using the CAN id in more than one place, ie some other subsystem sending conflicting instructions to the motor.

Second, try replacing the Spark Max. We had several Spark Max controllers die. They would continue to to connect to CAN and signal via LEDs that they were fine, but would not send power to the motors.

I would not 100% trust the leds on the spark max to determine can bus functionality. It only really complains if it is backwards or the can loop really has something wrong.

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