Getting Input from the Smartdashboard

Hello, so I’m trying to get input from smartdashboard using the built in getNumber function. However when trying to get the data it doesn’t seem to get the update data. For example I’ll have a box and when I enter in a new data it still gets the original data. I know if you press enter it’ll update it, but it’ll also disable the robot since the emergency disable button. I’ve tried just putting the mouse in another box but that doesn’t work. Does anyone have a solution to the problem? Sorry if its long.

I don’t know about the solution to your primary problem, but I do know that someone here on CD developed an enter key simulator button to get around the estop button.

Here’s another workaround, from that same thread:

You have to hit enter after typing in your value to send it to the cRIO

Im also getting troubles with the emergency stop, but its pretty rare (every 1-2 hours of testing) so if anyone finds a solution I’m subscribed

Pressing space when the robot is enabled causes an e-stop.

Wow thanks guys, I cant wait for tomorrow to see if works! I did try putting the mouse in another box but that didn’t work for me … But I probably did something wrong then, guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

So I added the the enter key extension to the “\Program Files\SmartDashboard\Extensions” And the extension shows up when I click the .jar file in the “\Program Files\SmartDashboard” folder, but it doesn’t when I launch it through the Driverstation. Do you guys know how to get it show up?