Getting Java error when attempting to run the latest Radio Utility

When attempting to run the latest FRC Radio Utility we keep getting the following error.
A JNI error has occurred, please check your installation and try again
We’ve narrowed it down to the utility being compiled by a more recent version of Java Runtime but the latest Java 8 update isn’t recent enough. Even removing java and reinstalling it has yet to work. Is there a step we are missing in installing the utility?

I believe it was (accidentally?) built against the Java 11 target, so you would need to use that. I believe it should use the WPILib JDK if it exists, or you could install it manually. I’m not sure if they’re planning to release a new version with that fixed since Java 8 is supposed to be supported

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Fletch is correct. Because of a configuration error Java 11 is actually the minimum required. You can either get that from OpenJDK, or if you install 2022 wpilib the tool will pick it up.

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My team uses LabView and we get the same error when trying to open Radio Utility. How would we fix this?

Either install WPILib 2022 ( or install OpenJDK 11 or newer (

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