Getting Joysticks and supplying button/axis outputs between while loops

Hello -

I’ve taken a hard look at all of our code to see if there are ways in which I can slim it down.

I’ve seen that within Pereodic, I’m calling the same Joystick multiple times. I was wondering if I am able to get all of my joysticks within a While loop running every 20ms and supply the output of buttons/axis to other While loops running at a faster pace than 20ms. Will this cause any problems?


To determine what is using CPU resources, I’d suggest opening the Tools>>Profiler>>Memory and Performance. You should ideally start the profiler, then run the robot code for awhile, and then abort it, then stop the profiler and see where it says the CPU is being used.

You can export or screenshot the profile results if you need help with the interpretation.

Greg McKaskle

I’ll do that first thing tomorrow. Thanks.