Getting off the CMP Qualification Bubble

If you look here, you will see that Overclocked (#246) is the next team on the list to get an invitation to St. Louis (at least as of 4:30pm 4/19/2016).

With the Patriots Day* holiday on Monday we didn’t expect the list to be updated yesterday, but we were kind of hoping that we’d see an update today before the COB.

Can someone who’s gone through the process of being on the bubble in past years and then getting off give us some clues as to how this works?

Our problem is that with each passing hour, we get less and less likely to be able to accept the invite if it gets offered. It is our own fault for not doing better during the season but still, it would stink to finally get asked and to have to turn it down.

Thanks for any info you can share.

Dr. Joe J.

*it’s a thing, look it up. I too was surprised when I moved to NE. Yeah, it’s weird…

You’ll only move into an invitation slot if another team declines, which is pretty unlikely at this point since teams had to register yesterday I believe. Your best chance of finding out would be to contact NE FIRST or the teams who have recently moved into invitation spots directly.

Have you tried to contact anyone at NE FIRST? I have gotten fairly quick responses to my inquiry about bus seats. Feel free to PM me.

After speaking with FIRST I got this response (paraphrasing): “It is done by Algorithm and FIRST doesn’t explain its Algorithms to teams.”

More context here.

Dr. Joe J.