Getting our spring streched


is it legal to strech our cannon’s spring out of the robot 28x38 limits?

Thanks & good luck!

Well that all depends upon what you mean by stretching out your spring and what it is used for. If it is used for the shooter and if it means that after the spring is released it stretches out of the 28x38x60 envelope, then no because any part of the shooting mechanism must be contained within the original 28x38x60 ( I don’t know the exact rule number but it is there, R<something> ). This could be very dangerous too if the spring were to come off and go flying.

I didn’t know you could get that much power out of a spring?? Out of curiosity how are you planning to reload the shooter, or is it a one time shoot type of a thing??

Your shooting mechanism must be guarded and can’t come in contact with other bots.

As soon as we test our springs, I will capture it on video, and upload it.
I think it should be around the 05/02 - 08/02. (us: 02/05 - 02/08) :yikes:

Thanks guys.

I would be concerned under the following rules for power storage…
• Storage achieved by deformation of robot parts. Teams must be very careful when incorporating springs
or other items to store energy on their robot by means of part or material deformation. A robot may be
rejected at inspection if, in the judgment of the inspector, such items are unsafe.

Also, if your ball shooter is mounted on a turret, no part of the turret may extend outside the origianl dimensions of the robot.
<S03> Shooter Mechanism must remain inside the ROBOT - Any mechanism used to throw balls must be
contained within the original 28” x 38” x 60”starting envelope of the ROBOT and must be shielded such
that the mechanism cannot make contact with other ROBOTs. A ROBOT that violates this rule will be
considered unsafe per <S01>.

If you’re having issues with a spring stretching out of dimensions, you can always make the string stronger(more force to pull) so that you don’t have to move it as far to get the same amount of power. Doubling up springs, or wrapping some extra latex tubing around the system always can add some more tension.