Getting program from RC

Does anyone know of a way to get the program from the RC. We need to check something, and have changed the program since then.


I do not know of any PBASIC decompiler, but one could definately exist.

I could be wrong but I dont believe there is any way to get the code from the RC. When the code is tokenized the variables all “point” to a memory location. They loose there names as do any aliases. Any remarks are ignored so they wont be on the RC, nor will any formatting (line spacing, section lables, etc). Assuming you could get the code back from the RC it would probably be very difficult to read, especially if your like me and have no programming experience outside of first.

Thanks guys,
I actually found out that one other team member had the code, so were good to go, but I’ll post anything if I find a decompiler of some sorts.


AFAIK the previous posters are correct, you cannot get the code from the RC and decompile it.

I hope everyone learns a lesson from this. Whenever you make significant changes to the code, back it up first. Either use version numbers in the file name or use the date. That way you can always go back to code that works and you can see what changes you made that may have broken the code. This is the method we’ve used in years past.

This year we’re using version control software (CVS) instead of saving backup copies. We commit the code whenever we make significant progress and label it when we reach milestones. We can easily & quickly look through the file’s history log and we can see the changes between any two versions. Experiment with CVS after the season and use it for next year’s software. It’s worth the initial learning curve.