getting pumped

okay- the championship is days away, but what is happening before then?
well, as I am often wont to do, I try to get myself as pumped as possible. In order to do this, I go paintballing, make my own soundtrack to this year’s competition, stockpile caffeine… etc.

so this begs the question- what do you all do to get pumped?

Watch all of the videos from previous competitions! You practically want to jump into the screen and fix things, either that or jump into the car and drive to the nearest competition! I had the job this year of making our sponsor video… let me tell you, there is no better way to get pumped than to watch those old competition videos. I’d work on the video during my study hall, and all of my teachers for the rest of the afternoon knew that I had becuase I would be so hyper and all I would talk about was what we need to do, what we could have done, etc. to any of the other robo kids in my class!!

all i have to do is think about an 18 hour bus ride down to atlanta with the team! :stuck_out_tongue: honestly- i am sooooo darn excited, i feel as though i may just jump out my skin!

Jumping out of skin is an understatement! :wink:

18hrs ahhh… thats nothing… the 27hrs that we had to do from MA to FL was bad… just get sleeep… sleeep makes everything go by so much faster. more sleep the more fun you have.

The Fantasy FIRST thing is doing the trick. You get a really good idea of all the good teams down there and picking and choosing your favorites (or watching them get snatched from underneath you) is a trip and a half!

Well before I get pumped for any competition, I first make sure I’m healthy. Health first. You can’t lose your voice if there isn’t a voice to be lost ^^. Then comes DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION! Then the telling of stories and the watching of videos, but I don’t really need much to get pumped. If you see me at Nats, you’ll know what I mean. Hugs usually do the trick too. ^^. - Genia

yeah we have a bus ride like that ahead of us…and just last week for palmetto we had a 14 hour ride…and two weeks before that we had a 4 hour bus ride to chesepeak…that wasnt so bad…so lately we have been spending alot of time on a bus

Yah, those bus rides. Longest I’ve taken with the robotics team is 5 hours to Ypsilanti. However, the week after nationals I get to go to NYC by bus. -_-. 13 hours? Maybe 14? That will surely suck.

a ride to nyc would be 45 minutes to an hour for me :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

getting some really good music on and rocking out gets me pumped!! and relize ill get to hangout with my friends from team 140!!! WEEEE! atlanta will be a blast! and getting all my face paint together got me very excited and i dont know why its just face pant… lol :stuck_out_tongue:

TEEHEE! Face paint rocks. I used to live in NY State. I could get to NYC a bit sooner. But not anymore.

I’m too bummed about going back to school for two days before we leave to be overly excited. And I haven’t been hangin’ with my robo buddies enough this week… :frowning: Plus my mood is uberly blech, so it’s hard to get excited over much. I just keep thinking about crap that is getting me down. Bad timing, the worst timing of the entire year to be distracted by bad things. AHH!

I am ready Unfortunately i have one day of school in between now and Atlanta. Thank you hurricane Isabel and that irritating snow.

Someone on our team found out that she could go to Nats just last night. She got so excited, she packed in half an hour…even though she doesn’t leave for 2 more days.

Personally, I just use CD to fill the void in these last few days. Fantasy FIRST helps a lot.

Yah that happened to me this past week. I wasn’t supposed to go to Nats, so I guess one reason that I’m so pumped up is that I’m so grateful that I’ll be able to. ^^ CD is a good voidfiller.

To get pumped? Think about it… Watch videos from past years with some good video in the background… Get our team going by jumping around and all our noise makers… You’ll hear us… If you can’t hear then you’ll see the sea of tie-dye…

How bout painting about 200 frisbees to pass out to the Omni teams, PARTY AT THE OMNI!

Actually, i get “pumped” naturally, cant wait…I think i have said that like 50 times on these forums…by the way, did i mention that i cant wait?

I am already shaking with anticipation. I think I will be twitching violently in my seat on the way there just from the anticipation. I can tell that this is going to be one awesome conclusion to one awesome year! :ahh: CAN’T WAIT!

WONDERFUL! You’re my twin. :slight_smile: I get pumped naturally too. i’ll be running around with my CD screenname written on one of my hug signs.