Getting requirements to build wheel ... error (with robotpy)

Hi, I am trying to install libraries like cscore and it’s failing to build wheel. Some programs work but some get this error. I’ve also gotten the pep 517 error with ctre I believe. Here’s the output for this.

Any idea why this could be happening? Do I need a different version of Python or Pip? Thanks.

I was having a similar issue last night with the rev package. LiamC and Thad_House recommended on the other thread that I update to the 64 bit build of python. Also, it was easy to upgrade. I just ran…

py -m pip freeze > packages.txt

…before the upgrade. Then…

install -r packages.txt

after the upgrade (This was courtesy of Sorin on Stack Exchange).

This wprked for me. Good luck.
~Mr. R^2

That would make so much sense; however, I did that and got the same thing.

Don’t download the compiled packages with pip if you want to install on the roboRIO. Use the opkg packages which have been compiled for you. See the installation docs.

I tried that as the first thing, but it says about cscore not being in the package list or something like that. I then thought to try what I’m doing right now, then the opkg thing.

What should I try now?

I have not compiled cscore for RoboRIO yet this year, which is why you aren’t able to download it. I hadn’t bothered because hasn’t been resolved, and I’ve been focusing on getting other things (like trajectory support) to work.

FWIW, you’re the first person to ask for it so far, which is the other reason why it had slipped on the priority list. I can take a look at getting it done tonight maybe.

cscore 2020.0.0 should be available via download-opkg


That solved it! Now I’m having an issue where my code gets an error on importing wpilib. I went through all the steps on the documentation of things to install (including wpilib) and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with that. Do I need to open a new thread for that? Thanks.

You need to install the Visual Studio 2019 redistributable, as mentioned in the installation docs.