Getting Rolling With Photon Vision

We’ve been working on several fronts to get prototypes and setup information out there for those using Photon Vision, especially with our SnakeEyes Vision HAT.

Chris Gerth (1736, Robot Casserole) has been pounding out videos over the past view days on these topics, so check them out below!

We have also been testing the performance difference between the “Green” and “Far Red” versions of SnakeEyes, and up to this point have not been able to tease out a noticeable difference. Both perform well to within several inches of each other at long range. That said, we’ll keep you posted as we learn more!

SnakeEyes Specific Software Release for PhotonVision

Starting to Tune PhotonVision for Top Ring detection

Gamepiece Detection Using PhotonVision

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Our team is highly considering buying a SnakeEyes hat, but knowing that the PiCam v1.3 is the best to use in terms of PhotonVision performance, we’re not sure where to get that from since it has been discontinued.

Any recommendations of 3rd party sellers?

This will be a great step up from our current configuration with an old USB webcam.

I’ve never heard that before, what makes the 1.3 better than the v2?

Both should work fine. The 1.3 is recommended over the 2 due to the way they handle making small-resolution images. At the smaller resolutions, the v2 uses a binning strategy that reduces the field of vision, making it harder to see targets off to the side at a close distance. However, whether or not you actually care will depend on your application.

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I’ve actually had decent luck with a few alternatives. A few Casserole has ordered and tested “functional”:

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 5

I can’t speak to the reputability of any of the suppliers or how robust any of them are. Still, the cheapo knock-off ones seem to connect and supply images just fine.

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I’ve been messing around with Photon Vision for the past week and haven’t been getting the best results. Does the SnakeEyes Vision HAT help with telling the difference between the cargo and bumpers?

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