Getting Rotation to work with XBOX 360 controller

Hello all

So our team is programming in java and we are having trouble getting the robot to turn/rotate. We are using a XBOX Controller and using the left stick to go forward and strafe and the right stick for turning/rotation. The left stick functions perfectly but the right stick has issues. When the right stick is moved around, the robot starts to rotate but then will stop. It never completes a rotation fully. We are using mecanum. Here is our code so far:

while (isOperatorControl()&&isEnabled()) {
      double leftXAxis=xboxController.getRawAxis(1);
      double leftYAxis=xboxController.getRawAxis(2);

      chassis.mecanumDrive_Cartesian(leftXAxis, leftYAxis, xboxController.getRawAxis(4),0);

Basically my question is how to get rotation to work with the right stick.


How are you moving the right stick around? If moving only in the right joystick x-axis, then the mapping to axis 4 is correct.

What output is produced when you print


? Does it correspond to how you move the joystick (e.g. numbers in a range from -1.0 to 1.0)?

Yeah, the output does correspond to the range of -1 to 1. When we move the right analog stick, some of the wheels don’t move in the right direction, but when we strafe or go forwards and backwards, the wheels work perfectly fine.