Getting Solenoid to Work?

We can not get our solenoid to work. It does not seem to respond at all. Both sides of the solenoid are wired to the correct CRio module and our programmer says it is programmed. I am assuming that power from the PD needs to go to that module also, so it does. Anything that can be suggested to get it to work? Any sample code to make sure that it is being programmed correctly? Our programmer is using Java. Basically anything that can provide insight into what the problem could be would be appreciated. Thanks.

We too were having a bit of trouble with our solenoids, but nothing like what you describe…

I would suggest:
– Check to see if the green indicator light on the cRIO module comes on when the solenoid is supposed to be activated.

– Check to make sure the solenoid is plugged in correctly to the aforementioned module, specifically to the port that the code is trying to use.

I can get pictures of our setup during tomorrow’s meeting if you haven’t solved the problem by then.

You are running the solenoid through a relay, right?

What kind of solenoid? 12V? 24V?

If it is a 12V you can run it off of a relay or run 12 volts to the solenoid breakout board. But if you use a 24V solenoid you need to run 24V to the solenoid breakout using the extra connectors on the PD board that are in line with the ones used to power the crio.

If you send 12v to a 24v solenoid it may or may not work, but gambling isn’t something you should do on something that weighs ~140lbs and travels at 12 fps…