Getting started with Java for FRC

Hello everyone !

We are a second year team with very limited programming experience.

Our FTC team switched to Java this fall and it was a very successful move. We are planning on doing the same with our FRC team since we are building the skills and want to keep up with it.

Setup up Android Studio was ok, but not easy. We were fortunate enough ot find some good documentation and people to help wiht the FTC SDK and gettitng everything setup properly.

Is there such a thing for FRC? I would like to find somewhat of a check list to make sure that everything on laptop is setup properly… eclipse, jave sre and other…

If you know of good site or documentaiton, please post.

Thanks in advance

Here’s the official documentation from WPILib:

And after you are setup, checkout It will walk you through using robotbuilder and get you started, with well structured code.

Here’s the full javadoc (API reference) for wpilib:

Our team switched from Eclipse to IntelliJ last season, and I personally would never want to go back.

I put together a “getting started” page for our new programmers, with links to all the tools we use and pretty detailed instructions. It comes with no warranties, but you are welcome to use it. Our github site also includes our Recycle Rush and Stronghold code as well as some off-season projects.

I did a presentation this Fall on the basics of FRC Java Programming. You can view the recording, powerpoint file, and all of the example code at My team also stored our robot code from last year at

Can Robotbuilder still be used with IntelliJ?

What are the main advantages of InteliJ vs Eclipse?

I am almost starting from scratch here… very little java experience, but i am relying on Robotbuilder and the WPI documentation to get started… can IntelliJ support that?

RobotBuilder is a completely separate program. You can create a shortcut, run it from the command line, etc. You just have to install WPILib and you have it. It is not linked to Eclipse, the WPILib plugin for Eclipse, includes a handy shortcut for RobotBuilder. Using IntelliJ you can do the same.

This is a more personal question. If you are happy with Eclipse, I would not bother. Personally IntelliJ has better VIM bindings (I am an old guy with old finger memory), and a nice presentation mode for displaying code on a projector; however, both are pretty impressive.

Given that, if I were you I would use Eclipse this year, if over the summer you want to play with IntelliJ, make sure it works for you etc. Go for it, but why add one more moving part when you are still trying to find your footing?

thank you ! ill stay with eclipse to eliminate any confusion this year…