Getting Started with Sensors

Hi All
Is there a thread or information out on the web on how to get started with Sensors? It’s not entirely clear from WPILIb what hardware to buy and how to integrate it into your java code. I am thinking we need a camera this year and an ultrasonic, but I am not clear on what to purchase and then what to do with it once I purchase it. (Yes I’ve read quite a bit on WPILib but it is very high level and lacks context)

Thanks for any help.

I took at the pages myself and some of them do not specify what specific type of hardware while some do. The ultrasonic page did have several models and information on them. As for the camera, FRC supports the Axis 206, Axis M1011 and Axis M1013.

First place to start is to decide what problem you’re trying to solve. In many cases, that depends a lot on the particular mechanism you’re using.

Primarily we want to use vision for targeting the castle.
Another use would be to send visual data back to the driver due to the obfuscation from the defenses.

Range Finding is another problem we want to solve. I found a LIDAR Lite V2 sensor (currently on Back order) that beams light. We would like to find a similar sensor to measure distance. Any thoughts on components for that type of solution?

I’ve found out that ultrasonic sensors are susceptible to noise interference so I don’t want to use them now.