Getting Teens to react to FIRST

I was watching the fine bro’s famous YouTube channel, and was wondering, what a great way to spread STEM through famous youtube channels… I know a lot of people watch these videos, and if people saw a few collections of the promotional videos FIRST pushed out, it will show how people truly feel about robotics.

Also I think it will be hilarious to see how many of the kid’s reacting to it will first say “Battlebots?”

not just the promo vids, but maybe some match footage? From maybe the last 4 years?

I agree… If we were to do this, we would have to comment on Their videos saying “Teen’s react to FRC” or “Teens react to FIRST Robotics”

Let’s start spamming on the next teens react video released. Let’s tweet them Facebook them everything and to make it common let’s say teens react to Frc

“Teens react to FRC” it is!!! Initiate SPAMMING!


While spamming may be great and all why not spam with a video, pick one of FIRSTs newer promo videos (like what they open regionals or kickoff with). If everyone shares something people can click on it will reach more than just a statement.

Also you MIGHT want to use FIRST Robotics because FRC is also the acronym for a christian activist lobbying group in DC.

This thread has made me think a bit more. I’m a YouTuber in the tech scene. I go to trade shows often so I’m friends with a lot of the big tech you tubers. (linustechtips, teksyndicate, barnacles, ect) I’m going to talk to them and see what they can do in terms of promoting our team and first in general. They all have huge sub bases and could reach a lot of people. BTW I have been tweeting them and commenting on the game of thrones video so if we all do it enough it can happen.

Smaller channel (45k subs) but John on NYCCNC has mentioned robotics a few times, and published a few videos aimed at more of a high school level. I’d like to think at least part of this was due to a few comments I’ve made on his videos (and he’s replied to), regarding the applicability of FRC motor controllers for some of his Arduino projects.

So I would agree that reaching out to some of these folks that already have a pretty decent audience would be a good way to reach students that might be interested in FRC, or hobbyists that enjoy machining/tech/etc. Many of those folks don’t naturally draw a line between their hobbies and “robotics”. Many teams are more like a general Makerspace than strictly robotics, and they can draw from a larger body of prospective students/mentors/hobbyists… if more people knew what FRC is.

I have been trying for awhile to get a “Teens react to FIRST Robotics” video by commenting on the Fine Bros. videos. Hopefully with the support of the CD community we can get that video that I have been waiting for.

Something from last year would be interesting to watch, particularly elims.

Here is their Facebook page…

Also they should be posting a video tonight, if they follow their schedule.

Lets spam FIRST to the world!