Getting the Driverstation to Recognize Programmable Mechanical Keyboard as Input

Hi all,

I have a programmable keyboard that I would like to read input from through the driverstation. From what I have read online, I would need some sort of software that reads the device (the keyboard in this case) and maps the keys to emulate a gamepad or a controller so that the driverstation can recognize the input.

I have tried vJoy but am not able to get it to run in the background and recognize inputs.

If you know reliable solutions that you have heard of or have used in the past, please post it here, thanks!

I have found a solution, just posting it here for future reference.

I used vJoy, a joystick emulator (that the driverstation reads) from

This alone just emulates the joystick, in order for it to emulate an input (in this case, a button) we need to use UCR from Universal Control Remapper (UCR) - v0.1.22 28th Oct 2018 - AutoHotkey Community

Once UCR is downloaded and extracted (it’s portable) you have to run it as an admin (it’s not set to by default) else the driverstation will lock keys if it is in the foreground.

You can have up to 32 buttons per vJoy device (you can have multiple). This is due to WPILib or GenericHID devices being limited.

You can now minimize everything and require all programs to autorun upon startup of your computer for a seamless experience.

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