Getting the Most Out of FIRST


I have seen many people post thier stories on here and I think it is my time too.

In the summer of 2000 I Joined team 151 out of Nashua NH. I was one of those kids who when was told about FIRST was baited by the free trip to FL. Well needless to say I got into it and found out that it was a reward to attend. So toward my Junior year I got involved on CD and made many bad posts. Stupid Rookie, I know. But I ended that year making new friends and having a pretty respectable robot. Well my senior year came. I gave my heart and soul to the team. and got nothing in return. I turned to CD to keep my positive side of FIRST forward.

Well at the end of the summer of my senior year I met an amazing person. Her name was Ashley. and we soon began to start our relationship together.

As College started, I joined a local team, team 134 from Pembroke, NH. and was thrown back into the loop of FIRST again. On one of our trips to an offseason Competition in PA. i was offered a Ref. opprotunity there.

Well i caught the fever.

I reffed there, worked as a volunteer at Beantown Blitz in Boston. I then reffed at Battlecry at WPI. on a trip to see my sweetie, i was attending Summer Frenzy in York PA. needless to my suprise I was nominated as Head ref.

Now onto my fifth season of FIRST, I have realized what I want to accomplish in my life, and i want to say…