Getting the new lifecam hd-3000 to work

Hey Guys,

We tried to connect our new USB camera (microsoft Lifecam hd-3000) to one of the USB ports(we tried both of them) of the Roborio and run the Driver Station.
We chose the ‘USB SW/HW’ Options and neither of them shown anything.

The camera itself works - while trying to run it through the computer we were able to see the camera broadcast…

Any suggestions?..:confused: :confused:

Do you have code running on the roboRIO? The default (LabVIEW) robot project has code in it that forwards the camera image to the dashboard.

We got it to work :smiley:

We have the same issue of no camera feed. We are a Java team. Any suggestions?

Well, first of all check if the camera is working at all, without the roborio.
Then, you need to download Code to your robot and run it, you should see a broadcast…
(We use labview, I have no idea how to get it work in java but this ^ works for me)