Getting the real KOP CAD?

Well I just found out that the KOP I downloaded off of autodesk didn’t include the new robot radio, the light sensors, and other minor variations between this years KOP and Last years. Did anyone else notice that the CAD KOP wasn’t updated for this year or is it just me? Plus if possible could someone direct me to where I can download the CAD of the new robot radio and the light sensors?


The KOP was updated for 2011 based on the information we received prior to the competition kick-off. For example, there are a number of new parts in this years kit versus 2010. This also applies to the iProperties of all parts in the Autodesk KOP which are updated each year. I have had some comments on minor differences from the part numbers in the KOP PDF, the parts in the Autodesk Inventor KOP, and the actual parts you received. Needless to say, if you are submitting for the Autodesk Award the Autodesk KOP parts are good.

In the meantime, send me the names and part numbers of those parts you are looking for and I will check them or you.

Can you provide a link or details on where to download the KOP files. One of the mentors searched a couple weeks ago and couldn’t find a comprehensive download of all the KOP. We found links to individual parts on one of the 3D model web sites but were hoping to download one file for everything.

Do you know if the 2011 C-Base Drive Chassis am-0735 provided in the kit is available as a single model?

look at this page (near the bottom).

Any of the items that aren’t in the virtual KOP, but are in the actual KOP have been modeled by students on our CAD team (including the new compressor!).
If there are any parts that you still want models of, I would be more than glad to create a zipped folder and get them to you tomorrow. Please PM me with a list of all the requested components, and I’ll get them to you ASAP!

I hear you, it’s rough sometimes not to have everything at our disposal, but if you archive previous robots, you might be able to pull out some old models. Otherwise, we have found a lot on other websites (3D Content Central, the Manufacturer or Retailer, etc…)

Hope I can be of help to a fellow CADer!

Great to see you helping the other teams.