Getting the SmartDashboard to display the camera feed

There have been some instability problems for some folks with getting the camera image up on the SmartDashboard. We have an experimental version of SmartDashboard that has a simple camera widget that you can add. The simple camera widget is only useful for viewing the feed either from your Axis camera or the RoboRealm web server - there is no OpenCV support associated with it.

This is intended for teams that only want to use the camera for getting the robot view through the camera.

If you would like to give it a try, there are directions for using it here:

Please post feedback on how it works for you and whether or not it is useful.



We are getting the smartdashboard , though it crashes sometimes, but the Labview one on the driver station does not work at all. We prefer that for playing the game.

I am assuming that if we can see it in smartdashboard then all is configured correctly.

We have spent many hours chasing this. Any suggestions?