Getting to Houston Champs early/leaving later? Stop by our STEM Center!

For many years, CRyptonite had been lobbying the school board to put more resources towards FIRST robotics. After many conversations, meetings, and a failed bond package, Katy ISD approved the construction of a 6.2 Million dollar STEM facility in 2015 for the express purpose of FIRST Robotics, and STEM Education in general.

Now the center hosts 5 FRC Teams (624, 2882, 4639, 5427, 6488) from each of our districts’ high schools, which room for 3 more teams. Each team has their own “bay”, and the center has a common machine shop where big tools and equipment is held. In the center of the building is a shared full sized field.

The building has accelerated the improvement of every team in the building, and has ensured that no team falls behind.

Over the past couple of years we’ve hosted a couple of teams before and after Champs, but now we want to open it up to everyone.

If you are interested, and are getting into Houston early before champs or staying an extra day after champs, feel free to send me a message, and we can arrange something. We are pretty flexible on timings/logistics.

Its in West Houston, here is a link:

We really want to open this amazing building up for others to see. If you are interested in getting your own building, our students and mentors can answer any questions about the entire process.

There are some pictures below!



A google maps link would be cool!

I sent information about this STEM center to folks at my school district a couple of years ago. They said if I wanted to have a center to work in like that I’d better move to Texas. :slightly_frowning_face:

Maybe one day we’ll convince our school district, the city, or somebody that we cannot advance out STEM education unless we’re willing to invest some capital in it.

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Good point! Edited OP.

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