Getting to Level 3

Does anyone know if the whole robot has to be on top of the third (or second) level on the HAB or if we can have a part dangling down or touching the floor?

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Page 36 of the manual.

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Thank you!

If your robot’s bumpers are above tier 3, but you have something hanging off the side (not touching the next level, just the side of the tier), does that count as being supported by another level?

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Does that fit with the requirements in point 2 above?

Our team is wondering the same thing

We’re thinking about dropping a ramp in front of our robot and driving up it to the second or third platform. We would have it connected to the front of the robot under the front bumper, then drop it and drive up it to the platform. It would be connected with a string so it wouldn’t go more than 30 in. away, and we could reel it in to get the top hab level points even if it doesn’t count if it hangs. How the fluff do you get on the top platform

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It has to be all the way on unless it is being supported by another robot

@Pizzamakerca there wouldn’t be any other robots involved.