"Ghetto Tweety" team #907

What a weekend, I am now an official FIRST-a-holic.
Our robot was ugly, we were the rookies, had no sponsors, were made fun of, had our share of evil looks but we did it. We were the 3rd overall seed, everyone was amased. We are now getting sponsors for next year, we are so proud :slight_smile: especially me, i had a big part in the construction of the bot, and now to be able to drive it and see it perform, absolutley amazing.

here it is…

We had you guys right up to the last match!!!

…But I guess since we did build our transmissions in your shop it makes sense that you ended up winning =)

Altho neither of us could win the finals it was a good run for both of us…3rd and 4th arent bad for 2 teams with nothing.

Congrats EY!

We did help you guys out in a way, but in anotehr way u guys helped us, you came to our school to use the facilities and thats one of the reasons we got the sportmanship award. It was great working with you guys, even thought i wont be back next year, i’ll see you around as a mentor :slight_smile: And that last match was alot of fun, i will be honest, it was sweet beating you guys, as it would be the other way around. Good Cometition.

How sweet it is :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, our school is crosses fingers Getting 2 Mills and 2 L’s for next year, so we will be able to do it all @ Mowat…Which will be nice.

If you guys need any programming assistance again next year you know where to find us. =)

I’d just like to thank 907 for all they did to help us with our bot!!:smiley: It was great to duke it out with you in that last match, and I hope to see you next year!

Hey guys from 907!

This is Philip, the crazy guy from 885, one of your alliance partners…
I just wanted to thank you guys again for selecting us. I can say from my view that we had a real good time together…
So long, see you guys next year, Philip