just wondering if anyone else noticed the ‘ghettoness’ of the rotating light this year? ours squeeks!

I want to mount it on my car :slight_smile: It’s like an old bubble-gum machine light. Wee-Ooo Wee-Ooo. Have the old lights have extra bulbs inside it? I think we should take ours out due to weight issues…those bulbs get mighty heavy. Maybe just put a few holes in it :smiley:

(erg…cookies suck! this is evulish…stupid common computers. hmm…think of the stuff i could do changes weedie’s profile BUAHAHAHA!)

The proper term would be ghettoriffic…

anyways, we were all staring at our beautiful robot in silent amazement when we noticed…“squeak squeak squeak squeak…” it instantly drove us nuts.:]

we burned out our first bulb . . a team member whose name I will not say stuck both wires in an AC socket, because apparently he didn’t know that 12V DC things don’t run well on 120V AC power (thats what american wall sockets are, isn’t it?) . . the bulb fried. The spare saved us. We were lucky that the motor didn’t go.

it is a bright and shiny object so i believe the correct term is ghettofabulous

The motor on ours actually got off of its 2 holder knobs, might want to try some adjustment

we dropped ours alot and now it doesn’t work :frowning:

i believe the reflector could most definately be refered to as ‘bling bling’ or ‘blingin’
but i could be mistaken

Well, our blue light got smashed at the Sussex scrimmage and it didn’t work, so we just put the red cover on, which got smashed in the last match. . . . . grrr. . . .

Ours is beautiful! I didn’t hear any squeaks from anything. I’m very happy for these lights. Remember the ones from last year, or even 2 years ago. Thoes took 60 amps their selves!!! :smiley:

Ghetto light?

The poor light of team 1197 passed away yesterday during the 20th match of the SCRRF preseason event. It suffered massive trauma when a pile of boxes fell on it. The trauma was enough to break the base into 2 pieces. Vallient efforts were made to save it using duct tape and tie wraps but all efforts failed and the poor light is no more.

My team uses the term “ghettofabulous:” We are still not quite sure if it is a good thing to be ghettofabulous or not.

we stuck a glue stick on the motor shaft and it increased the rpms drastically!!! try it, it is insane

but beware if you get epileptic seziures


The only sign of ‘ghetto/barrio/slum’ we got from our light was when we first mounted it on our bot. It had run before, but it was stuck and we had to tap it a few times before it started rotating.